15 Wondrous YouTube Channels to Give You a Revolutionary Mind

What is Considered a Good YouTube Channel?

YouTube is an amazing platform that is multifaceted, and can ensure wondrous benefits for your mind. One can utilize this gem – personally beneficial channels – in various ways, ranging from casual to formal.

In this context, by casual I mean entertainment, while formal means learning (including but not limited to skill, DIY, vital information on diverse subjects, among others). Since it is an ocean of content, one has to identify smart channels to follow.

For myself, I often refer it as “YouTube academy.” It is said that something benefits you according to how you perceive it’s importance. YouTube has a smart algorithm that recommends related videos to what one is watching. So make sure you start right to avoid ending up viewing videos or channels on horse racing while you started out on best exercising techniques for a busy chap!

The good thing about YouTube is that one can better learn something, because it ignites and utilizes all your “learning motors.” This is to say you can listen and view what is being presented in a said YouTube video. It becomes even better when the video does not just involve transcripts of some content, but is engaging. This means a human presenting on a topic or a well illustrated doodle are better in terms of gaining your full attention. The aim is to find YouTube channels that post profound content on a regular basis.

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YouTube Channels For The Awakened Mind
YouTube Logo – Mind Channels

So, shall we look at some intriguing channels that will add some quotient to your mind? Right.

1. TEDx Talks – 33.6M Subscribers

You cannot talk of an insightful YouTube channel and fail to mention Ted Talks. It is one of the top YouTube channels that is owned by an American media – Ted Conferences LLC. The YouTube channel takes pride of the slogan “Ideas worth Spreading.” True to their operating tagline, TEDx Talks have invaluable ideas that are produced rapidly.

In TEDx Talks, short, intuitive, and powerful talks (18 minutes or less) are posted in the channel(s) for free distribution. The content is done by individuals who have signed up with the organization, and have been vetted and deemed fit to present what they have to offer. The topics one can address as a ted talker can range from science to global issues. They have to be well researched and intuitive.

One such Ted Talk of significance to us is an impressive talk by Ava Wilcheck. The orator addresses the psychological disorder, the Narcissist Personality Disorder. You can check out her video below

Starting a Conversation about Narcissistic Personality Disorder | Ava Wilcheck

Other YouTube Channels by Ted

Notably, there are other smaller Ted channels mushrooming. When one looks closely, they seem to be formed as a need arises to have a specialized or dedicated channel. As we all know, this is a great step since the current world needs niches to be relevant.

2. It’s Okay To Be Smart – 4.48M Subscribers

Want an YouTube channel that is made for the curious mind, making one smarter as they browse and view the videos? It’s Okay To Be Smart got you covered!

The revolutionary-mind-giving channel covers a wide range of content from trivia to the deepest of philosophy. What more could a smart-oriented person ask for?

3. Computerphile – 2.07M Subscribers

Computerphile is a tech-oriented YouTube Channel.

It seeks to educate its viewers on diverse topics on the computer and related technology, ranging from the hardware, software, and the web environment, among others.

We are in the information age and its almost impossible to survive a day without having to do something online, or even using a gadget. What to use, where to use, and how to effectively use the gadget in your Internet of Things (IoT) life is probably addressed in this channel.

Are you seeking to improve your daily mind psyche by being computer and technology savvy? Then, this channel is for you!

4. BrainCraft – 589K Subscribers

Established by a a behavioral Scientist and a science communicator Vanessa Hill, this is an awesome YouTube channel to make it to your YouTube subscription list.

Apparently, her channel focuses on issues and aspects around the brain workaround. These are vital areas, given that the brain is the most utilized organ in human anatomy, and one has to utilize it well.

Growth Mindset by Vanessa Hill – BrainCraft YouTube channel

5. TopThink – 2.32M Subscribers

TopThink is an all-round general psychological aspects channel.

Remember to regularly check in to view their new productions to enhance your mind psyche. With time, you will definitely have some knowledge to boast about when hanging out with your clique. Below is one among the latest videos in the channel.

7 habits that are killing your motivation | TopThink YouTube chanel.

6. The School of Life – 7.22M Subscribers

The School of Life YouTube channel gives you brilliant ideas of life through many perspectives.

Majorly, the channel seeks to answer questions regarding emotional and psychological realms. In this channel, expect to learn a lot in aspects of narcissism, meditation, mindfulness, among other phenomenon.

In the contemporary world, we have a myriad of issues, and knowing how to deal with emotional and psychological issues in society is important.

What is the School of Life – YouTube Channel.

7. Philosophy Tube – 1.08M Subscribers

The Philosophy Tube channel boasts to award its viewers a free philosophical degree!

True to it’s tagline, one can note the the relatively high number of views that the videos have.

Although views may not be the ultimate measure of the success of a channel’s content, they can translate to value that the channel’s viewers are getting when visiting the channel.

Well, its better to check-in in Philosophy Tube to discover why the other viewers are curious to view the videos. You could end up acquiring a revolutionary mind too, for your daily psyche. Find below one of such videos!

Men. Abuse. Trauma. | Philosophy Tube YouTube Channel

8. Big Think – 3.59M Subscribers

Big Think is quite an old channel – it was established back in 2006. It boasts almost half a billion views since its inception. As the channel founders declare, they post expert-driven, actionable, and educational content.

According to the channel, its content drives towards making you smarter and faster.

Its prudent to head over to the channel and explore some of their content, such as the one attached below.

How to live an intellectual life | Big Think YouTube Channel

9. Healthcare Triage – 423K Subscribers

A revolutionary mind is not complete without awareness of key healthcare aspects. We can only function at optimum when our health is in check. You lack mind psyche when you are not at ease.

Essentially, lack of being at ease is what is commonly referred as dis-ease. Thus, this channel is as important as your normal infotainment YouTube channels.

10. ElectroBOOM – 4.92M Subscribers

What a fun-filled channel we have here!

This channel enables you to learn daily electric stuff as you get entertained.

11. BBC Earth – 10.5M Subscribers

We live on Earth, where life would be impossible without us being on this platform.

If you want to learn and get updated on stuff relating to space, nature, science, and the human race, this is your go to channel.

12. HowStuffWorks – 701K Subscribers

HowStuffWorks is a general knowledge channel.

If you are looking for a channel to learn an excess of trivia, look no further and head over to this channel.

5 Ridiculous Victorian Etiquette Rules | HowStuffWorks YouTube channel

13. Crash Course – 13M Subscribers

Crash Course is an excellent formal learning platform. Maybe, just maybe, it is such channels that made me refer to YouTube as “YouTube Academy.”

One can learn as much here, ranging from organic chemistry, biology, philosophy, ecology, among others.

14. Vsauce – 17.3M Subscribers

With a whooping 17.3 subscribers, this is among the popular channels on general content. It has content on some of the most amazing ideas and questions one can think of.

This channel also enjoys an enormous number of views, depicting the fact that people shows an interest in the channel’s content.

Illusions of Time | Vsauce YouTube channel.

15. The Mindful Movement – 614K Subscribers

Ultimately, this is one of the best mental health channels out there.

Mindfulness has proved to be a gem in a world where anxiety seems to be the order of the day.

At the The Mindful Movement channel, you can learn to tap into your inner power and live mindfully, rather than being mind full. The channel teaches practices such as Yoga, guided meditations, hypnosis, and positive mindset, among others.

In a nutshell, the channel helps you eliminate issues blocking your fulfillment.

10 Minute Meditation to Manifest Abundance in Your Life | The Mindful Movement YouTube Channel


Conclusively, we have just reviewed some of the insightful YouTube channels that can give you a revolutionary mind. Definitely, these are not the only outstanding channels that could benefit an information-hungry person.

What other channels have you discovered that you can recommend to us? Kindly tell us in the comments below.

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