Binaural Beats Hz – Outstanding YouTube Channels for Meditation Therapy World

Binaural beats frequencies, measured in a range of Hertz (Hz), can be said to be the one of the best inventions in modern technology. According to InsightTimer, binaural tones are forms of brainwave entrainment.

This means that when one is subjected to the brain entrainment and isochronic tones, they trigger the brain to produce brainwaves of the corresponding frequency range.

Binaural Beats Frequency Guide

Notably, there are 5 major distinct ranges of binaural beats. They include;

  • Theta frequency waves (4 – 7 Hz) – Associated with deep relaxation, sleep, creativity, daydreaming, among others.
  • Alpha frequency waves (8 – 15 Hz) – Reduce anxiety, enhance creativity, and encourage positivity.
  • Beta frequency waves (16 – 31 Hz) – Also known as the wakeful state. Improves memory, alertness, concentration, helps in studying, and increases memory retention.
  • Delta frequency waves (1 – 4 Hz) – Delta waves are referred as the lowest frequency waves. Mostly used in restorative, dreamless sleep.
  • Gamma frequency waves (32 Hz and above) – Most advanced binaural beats frequency. Enables a sharp focus, heightened senses, outstanding productivity, and super concentration.

Without further ado, lets dive into some of the best YouTube channels for binaural beats meditation music.

These recommendations are in no particular order, so identify the best for you. The producers do a great job, so kindly do them a favor by subscribing or liking their videos.

What are the best YouTube Channels for Binaural beats Meditation Music/Therapy?

SleepTube – Hypnotic Relaxation

With a whooping 560k + subscribers, this awesome YouTube channel is owned and operated by Zac.

This content creator produces original calming music and videos for sleep, focus, relaxation, and meditation. Zac takes pride in his large viewership and a good subscriber base, translating to the fact that his content delivers what he says it does.

In the below featured video, Zac was exceptional in creating an outstanding Delta binaural beats music specifically to help in sleep therapy. Delta binaural tones are known for encouraging a deep meditative state that progresses to deep restorative sleep. This particular delta binaural beats session is over 4 hours, and over 25 Million viewers have attested to its being invaluable.

The DEEPEST Healing Sleep | 3.2Hz Delta Brain Waves | REM Sleep Music – Binaural Beats

Magnetic Minds

Established in 2014 December, this channel promises to raise one’s vibration through meditative binaural beats, or Solfeggio frequencies.

In the channel’s ‘About’ section, they assert that binaural tones are essential in meditation, sleep, and healing and toning the mind.

Below, we feature a video from the channel that is important when you need to meditate for enhanced memory, concentration/focus. This piece uses the beta binaural beats waves in the 20 Hz range.

Peruse the channel for appropriate meditation videos made of distinct frequency ranges of binaural beats tones.

Nu Meditation Music

This channel dedicated to dealing with binaural beats that one derive varied benefits. The featured video is claimed to employ binaural beats that specifically aid in pre and post studying meditation. One can also use the study binaural beats on the background when studying.

Nu Meditation Music channel updated regularly with Sleep Music, Relaxing Music, Reiki Music, Healing Music, Study Music, Instrumental Music, Meditation Music, Piano Music, Guitar Music and Nature Sounds. Ambient backgrounds for Relaxation, Yoga, Reiki, Spa, Sleep, Study and whenever you need to heal and relax.

Nu Meditation Music
Hyperfocus music for studying: Improves concentration, binaural beats, study music for focus 32108ST

The channel promises one to always come back for more meditative music experience, once exposed to it. True to their word, they have managed to win over 2.4 Million subscribers. They vow to impact lives positively through relaxing musical tones aimed at raising one’s vibration.

Mettaverse Music

Mettaverse Music postulates that music is important in awakening human consciousness. According to this meditation YouTube Channel, their binaural tones helps one in attaining inner peace and enhancing esoteric wisdom.

This is the channel to go for when you need to do a serious deep meditation session, such as pranayama. Their video below, as they claim, can propel one to attain Astral consciousness, thus important for deep internal focus meditation. It is in the Theta 4 Hz tones/waves.

Astral | Deep Theta 4Hz | Binaural Beats Soundscape | Internal Focus, Meditation, Prayer | ASMR

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